Ksheera Dhara

Ksheera Dhara


The Ksheeradhara treatment includes a constant flow of herbal milk over the head and body, instead of the regular oil concoction in other Ayurvedic treatments. It is quite similar to Shirodhara, but Ksheeradhara has a cooling effect on the body and is recommended during the summer months or in circumstances that require relaxing or cooling effects.

The herbal milk that is poured on your body acts as a moisturizer which helps relieve any stress, anxiety, and tension; It’s also used for skin and hair care. The Ksheeradhara treatment works like a charm because it enhances your skin’s glow, the simple yet effective process is suitable for patients who are suffering from Vata and Pitta dominance, migraines, stress, and insomnia.


  • Provides relief from fatigue
  • Helps boost memory
  • Relaxes the nervous system and helps with stress relief
  • Enhances your digestives process and prevents indigestion
  • Improves energy, mental clarity, physical strength, and vitality
  • Reduces migraine frequency
  • Restores dosha balance