Vamana is a part of Panchakarma and a procedure in which Doshas (waste products or toxins) are eliminated through upper channels i.e. mouth. [1] Specially the Kapha and Pitta Dosha brought to Amashaya (stomach and duodenum) from all over the body by the specific preoperative procedures and then eliminated out by inducing the emesis.


  • The list of people who can take Vaman panchakarma is already told above. All those patients can get rid of their diseases.
  • The toxins are uprooted from the root. Oleation and steam perform a scratching action in the deep roots of our body. Vaman medicine brings all of these toxins in the stomach and flushes them out.
  • You feel so relieved to have thrown out years of impurity outside your body.
  • Lethargy vanishes
  • Best for Kapha dosha dominant disorders
  • Especially recommended for all in Vasant (spring season)
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