Stroke Rehabilitation through Ayurveda

Stroke Rehabilitation through Ayurveda

Get back to your normal life with Ayurveda!!!

Consult us within the golden period after stroke for complete recovery!!

Stroke is an acute condition wherein blood circulation to the brain is affected due to the death of brain can be either a ischemic stroke due to a block in vessels leading to reduced blood supply in the brain or a hemorrhagic stroke which is due to breakage of blood vessels leading to bleeding.

Stroke can result in one-sided or two-sided weakness of the body depending on its intensity.

Early intervention of Ayurvedic treatment maximizes the recovery chance in a stroke patient.

Ayurveda has high potential in addressing the root cause of it and helping in restoring mobility, reducing spasticity, and helping in free movements. Therapeutic procedures help in strengthening the wasted and weakened muscles and improve muscle power and strength.

Therapeutic Procedures like sirodhara, pizhichil, choornam pinda Swedam, nasyam , sashtika pinda swedam along internal medication are found very effective in stroke management.